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Getting Started

What is Loom Analytics?

Loom Analytics is an online legal analytics system. Loom encodes and categorizes information contained within legal decisions.

Running Your First Report

We've made running your first report simple so you can see the information you want in seconds.


Loom Methodology

Research And Classification Methodology

This document is an overview of the methodology used to generate Loom’s dataset for the Civil (tort and contract law) practice area.

Data Exceptions

A rundown of Loom Analytics methodology, including data exclusions. 


Loom Reports

Case Law Search

The Case Law Search Report provides a list of relevant case law based on selected search parameters.              

Outcome Search

The Outcome Search Report provides a percentage breakdown of hearing and trial outcomes that occurred within a specific date range. 

Decision Turnaround Time

The Decision Turnaround Time report allows you to view the average number of days it takes a judge/master to publish their decision after the last date of the hearing.

Hearing Analytics

The Hearing Analytics report is designed to provide at-a-glance information about specific types of hearings. 


One-Click Reports

Beneath the main report types is a variety of One-Click Reports. These reports allow you to run more focused searches quickly without having to use the main reports and then narrow your results further.


Report Customization

Customizing Your Search

The 'Refine Search' button is located in the top right corner of each of our reports. By clicking this button, the 'Advanced Report Settings' menu will appear.

Report Fields

An in-depth description of all customizable fields in a Loom Report and their purpose,  as well as the default settings available. 


Account Settings

Account Settings

From the account settings page, you can update your user profile, set your default report settings, set up your billing information, choose your access timeframe, and sign up for the Loom newsletter. 

Account Retrieval

If you are having trouble accessing your Loom account due to forgotten credentials, there are several options available for retrieving your account.

Default Report Settings

Before you start using Loom, use the default settings page to select your default province, court, and practice area.