Account Retrieval

If you are having trouble accessing your Loom account due to forgotten credentials, it is easy to retrieve your account. Upon registering for Loom, users are asked to provide a cellphone number for two-factor authentication purposes. Please make sure to provide a valid cellphone number that only you have access to and that can receive SMS messages.

Note: At the moment, only the primary email address you signed up with can be used to retrieve your account. Though you are still encouraged to enter a secondary email address as it will be helpful with future updates, it is not currently required.

 Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, begin the account retrieval process by clicking the link beneath the login form which reads 'Forgot email address or password?' This will take you to the password reset page below.

There are three steps in the password reset process.  Make sure you have your cellphone handy in front of you when you need to reset your password. 

1.       Enter Email Address

First, enter the email you used to register for Loom Analytics and press 'Next'.  You should receive an SMS which reads 'Your Loom verification code is:' followed by a code.

2.       Enter 2FA Code

Enter the code you received on your device in the space provided, then press 'Next'.

3.       Reset Password.

Enter a new password that you will remember, then confirm it. Press 'Save' to complete the process. You should now have regained access to your Loom Analytics account!