Account Retrieval

If you are having trouble accessing your Loom account due to forgotten credentials, there are several options available for retrieving your account. Upon registering for Loom, users are asked to provide a customized secret question and answer. A good security question is one which:

  • Cannot be guessed or researched 
  • Stays consistent over time
  • Has a memorable answer
  • Has many possible answers

For the sake of easier account retrieval, we also encourage users to provide a secondary email in the Account Information section of your User Profile, which can be found in your Account Settings

Note: to prevent theft of information, Loom locks accounts out after five failed login attempts.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, begin the retrieval process by clicking the link beneath the login form which reads 'Forgot email address or password?' This will take you to the Forgot Password page (see below). 

In the space provided, enter the email you used to register for Loom Analytics and click 'Next'. You will be prompted to answer your personalized secret question. You will then be sent an email containing a secure password reset link. 

Forgotten Primary Email

If you have forgotten the email you used to sign up for Loom but have provided a secondary email address, it is still possible to retrieve your account. Check the box beneath the email address field which states 'I do not remember my primary email address.' You will be prompted to answer your secret question. Once the answer is successfully entered, check your secondary email account for a secure password reset link and enter your new password into the provided text fields.

Forgotten Secret Answer

If you have forgotten the answer to your security question, please call Loom Analytics Customer Care at 647-933-9024 to request a manual password reset. 

For a step by step overview of the account retrieval process, you can watch the video below.