Account Settings

The link to access your account settings is located at the upper right-hand side of the screen. Once in Account Settings, you can use navigation menu under the User Profile banner to: 

  • Update your user profile
  • Customize your default report settings
  • Set up your billing information
  • Choose your device access timeframe
  • Sign up for the Loom Analytics newsletter

User Profile

In the Account Information subsection, users can change their Loom email address, password, and cell phone number. Please note that changing your email address or password will trigger a 2-factor authentication code to be sent to your cell phone via text message. The code must be entered before your changes can be saved. If you wish to change the cell phone number associated with your account, a code will be sent to the new cell phone number and must be entered before the change will be saved. Please make sure to always have a valid cell phone number associated with your account.  

This section also allows users to set a secondary email address. Though the secondary email address is not in use in the current build of the Loom Analytics platform, you are still encouraged to provide one for the purpose of account retrieval in the future. 

The Personal Information subsection asks for user contact details including first and last name, address, and contact telephone numbers. It also allows users to provide their birthdate and gender information. The first and last name fields are mandatory and the information on the user profile page cannot be saved if these fields are empty.

The Employment Information subsection asks for information on any scholastic or legal organizations users may be associated with, as well as their legal practice area or industry.

If for whatever reason a user wishes to delete their Loom account, the option to do so is located at the bottom of the User Profile page.


For continued access to Loom after the 7-day free trial, users must fill out the fields on the Billing Page under Account Settings. These fields include credit card details and a billing address. 

If your billing address is the same as the address given in the 'Personal Information' subsection of the User Profile page, you may check the 'Copy billing address from account information' box to automatically copy over your information. 

Note: Once the billing information is filled out, you will be automatically billed at the end of your 7-day trial period. 

Device Settings

The Device Settings page allows users to set the period of time after which they will be logged off from Loom. If you are regularly accessing Loom from multiple computers or from public terminals, it is recommended for security purposes that you do not set your account to 'Never log off'. 


If you would like to receive Loom Analytics' newsletter, you may do so by navigating to the 'Notifications' page from the Account Settings sidebar. Check the box to sign up for Loom's newsletter.