Case Law Search

Our Case Law Search report provides a list of relevant case law based on selected search parameters. The Case Law Search report is not a traditional keyword-based search. Instead, the decisions have been read and grouped in relation to their content on Loom's end. This means that you refine your search by selecting specific categories of decisions you wish to see.  

On the Report Centre page, select the Province, Court, Practice Area, and Date Range which you would like to search. Once chosen, press 'Go' to run the initial report. Loom will display a list of case law precedents sorted by decision date. Clicking on any decision name will open a new tab with a quick breakdown of that decision as well as a link to the full decision text.

Once you have your preliminary report, you can narrow your results by using the advanced search filters. Click the Refine Search button in the top right corner. The drop-down menus that appear can be used to adjust the Case, Hearing, and Party Details to reflect your desired case law precedent results. Select your desired parameters and then click 'Refresh Report' to get your new list of case law. 

Example: The video below shows a Case Law Search for Medical Malpractice trial decisions wherein the Plaintiff was the winner.