Loom’s Research and Classification Methodology


This document is an overview of the methodology used to generate Loom’s dataset for the Civil (tort and contract law) practice area.

The Loom database and data gathering methods are evolving as Loom’s coverage expands. This document will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the current methodologies used.

Document version and publication date: Version 1.0; May 8th, 2017.


Data Sources

Loom’s database is built by researchers who read and classify legal decisions. The decisions are accessed using open law databases including provincial and federal court websites.

Additional sources are consulted frequently by researchers for data verification, and may include: law society databases, published legislation, documentation published on law firm websites, and newspaper articles.

For the practice areas and courts that we cover, we make every attempt to include the entire available body of published case law (within our coverage dates). We do know that not all judicial decisions in each court are published. However, to our knowledge, there is no comprehensive, publicly available database recording all proceedings before the courts and their publication status. As such, it is currently not possible to estimate what percentage of the total body of case law is accounted for by decisions published in case law databases, nor how large the body of unpublished decisions is..


Every effort is made to keep coverage current. Decisions typically take about seven days from publication to be entered in the Loom system.

The courts and coverage dates available on the Loom system are listed in the table below:

Court Date Coverage
ABQB JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
ABCA JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
BCSC JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
BCCA JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
OSCJ JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
OCA JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017