Outcome Search

The Outcome Search Report provides a breakdown of the outcomes of hearings and trials within a given date range. What makes this report unique is the ability to filter the results by party type using the drop-down menus at the top of the page. This feature allows you to see the success rates for specific party types bringing or responding to a motion.

For example, a report can be run to determine the success rates of defendants moving for summary judgment. The resulting graph would show outcomes for hearings where a defendant is the moving party, and exclude any other party types.

The Outcome Report is accessed through the Report Centre. Once you have chosen your Province, Court, Practice Area, Date Range and, optionally, one or more Hearing Type(s), click 'Go' to see a breakdown of results by outcome. The results shown can be manipulated either with the Party Type drop-down menus or through the Advanced Report Settings which can be accessed by clicking 'Refine Search' in the top right corner of the page.

It is important to note that situations may arise where parties on the same side (Plaintiffs, for example) may receive different outcomes. In such cases, the total percentage of the graph may equal a sum greater than 100%. If desired, it is possible to filter out any split outcomes by checking the box underneath the party type drop-down menu which reads 'Only show me results where all parties on the same side of the proceedings share the same outcome.'


Outcome Graph:

The Outcome Report will return results in both graph and table form. The graph shows the percentage breakdown for hearing outcomes based on selected search parameters. Hovering your cursor over any bar in the outcome graph will display the exact percentage that bar represents.

Outcome Table:

Beneath the outcome graph is a table which lists all potential outcomes, the total numbers of hearings and decisions which had each outcome, and the percentage of hearings/decisions which had each outcome for the selected criteria. You can click on each outcome to see a list of applicable decisions, or scroll further to see a list of the latest decisions by outcome. 

Win and Loss Decision Lists:

Beneath the outcome table is two tables of decisions by outcome type, one for wins (see above) and another for losses. The four most recent decisions published for each outcome is shown. Each table lists the decision name, date, and citation number, as well as the judge/master name and case facts (if available). Clicking a decision name will will open a new tab with a quick breakdown of that decision as well as a link to the full decision text. If you wish to see more decisions for an outcome, clicking '+See more' beneath the table will display the next four decisions.

Example: The video below shows how to modify the Outcome Report to provide results for the success rate of moving parties bringing motions to dismiss claims for being vexatious