We've made running your first report simple so you can see the information you want in seconds. 

Running Your First Report

When you first log into the Loom Analytics system, you will be taken to the Report Centre that displays all of the reports that are currently available. To run a report in one click, just find the report module for the report that you'd like to run and click Go. This will run your selected report for the Province, Court, Practice Area, and Date Range chosen without customizing any of the other available search parameters.


For example: clicking Go on the Case Law Search report will return all case law for the Province, Court, Practice Area, and Date Range selected.

Once you've set your default settings through the 'Account Settings' menu, you can also run a one-click report from any screen in the Loom Analytics system by using the left sidebar. Simply click on the report that you'd like to run, and it will run using the default settings you customized in your profile. If you did not set your default settings, you will be prompted to do so.

Note: In addition to the three main report types (Case Law Search, Outcome Search, and Decision Publication Time) at the top of the report centre, there are a number of One-Click Reports available for specific categories of searches.