What is Loom?

Loom Analytics is an online legal analytics system. Loom encodes and categorizes information contained within legal decisions. This information ranges from basic details like judge names and party types to more complex information like outcomes and subject matter. All this data is made available to users in the form of responsive, customizable reports.

As you're getting started, the 3 most important things to know about Loom are:

Each Report is Customizable

Each report you run can be as broad or as detailed as you choose. Run a quick report from the Report Centre, and then refine your search utilizing more than 500 unique options. This will help you find decisions that closely resemble your case at hand.

We Have Filtered Out the Noise

Looking for outcomes in slip and fall cases? If you select 'Slip and Fall' as a parameter during your search, Loom will return results where the case is actually about a slip and fall and will not return results where a slip and fall is simply referenced.

Faster Than Traditional Research

Simply choose a report, select the parameters that match your case and you’re done! There is no need for hours of filtering through decisions to find the answers that you are looking for.

Our Data

Loom currently provides coverage for civil decisions in Alberta, B.C., and Ontario's superior courts, as well as the courts of appeal. Specific coverage dates are listed in the table below: 

Court Date Coverage
ABQB JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
ABCA JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
BCSC JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
BCCA JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
OSCJ JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017
OCA JAN 1ST, 2010 - NOV 10TH, 2017

Loom is adding new coverage for new provinces and courts on a regular basis. Keep checking this space to see what data is available. 

Data Sources

The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) 

Data Exclusions

For a full rundown of data that Loom Analytics does not cover, please see our Methodology page. 


If you have not done so already, why not take advantage of Loom's legal analytics system to view the large corpus of unstructured Canadian legal open data with new eyes? Accessing our efficient combination of machine learning and legal analysis is as easy as filling out a simple form.